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..Happiness Awaits You! . . . . . by Carol Costa, Liisa Kyle and Maggie TerryViale

Happiness Awaits You! began with Maggie TerryViale’s desire to bring more happiness into the world. She realized loss and other life changing events often cause us to lose sight of the people and things that bring us joy. She has gathered a diverse blend of people who share their personal journey to happiness.

Here’s what readers are saying about this book:

“…Happiness Awaits You! delivers a four star read. I was honored to write Delaying What You Truly Deserve…”

Paul Ryan, TV Host/Producer/Author of The Art of Comedy: Getting Serious about Being Funny

“Meditating on the most important lessons in this book, I closed my eyes and the Archangel Michael was there. It was like he was waiting for me to ask. I received this message: In order to experience true happiness, you must release all fear. In order to release all fear, you only need to be true to your own heart and trust it. Being true to your heart requires that you listen to it and then act accordingly.”

John Sackett, a Conscious Channel working with the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and other evolved beings of light.

“Rarely has a book had the power to touch my soul, make me smile and feel grateful to be alive. …keep this book close; read it often. It's your ticket to maintaining happiness and well-being.”

Mary Ann Hutchison, Author of Moochi's Mariachis

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276 pages • Paperback • 6" x 9" • $17.00 •
Copyright 2010 • ISBN: 978-0-9844600-5-2

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...2010 Costa, Kyle & Viale

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